A Place with purpose

At Ashley, we use every innovative tool available to help you overcome your substance-use disorder so you can find your way back to health and happiness. Our expert staff will create a personalized program that combines clinical, medical and psychological care to address your needs holistically, including chronic pain and any co-occurring medical issues.


To provide a foundation for discovering a pathway to recovery for those impacted by substance-use disorders


Those living with substance-use disorders have the opportunity to experience the joy of living

Guiding Principles:

We believe in providing an experience that treats the body, mind and spirit and values healing with dignity.
We believe that recovery support groups are a vital component of a recovery-oriented lifestyle.

We believe that involving and educating a patient’s family is vital to their recovery.

We believe in improving patient outcomes by embracing innovation. We believe in a multi-disciplinary care model that promotes lifelong recovery

Embrace living.

Ashley provides a wide range of amenities and accommodations. During regular hours, you can use our fitness areas, including outdoor spaces and indoor recreation center.

Private and semi-private rooms
Our housekeeping staff cleans your room, changes your bedding and provides fresh towels daily We do your laundry and deliver it back to your room

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Recovery is everything

friend and business partner, Mae Abraham, whose maiden name was Ashley. Mae Abraham initiated the idea to build a treatment facility. The two first met at one of his award-winning “Chalk Talks” at Johns Hopkins University in 1964. As people who suffered from the disease of alcoholism, they were inspired to make a change and help other addicts get well.

Father Martin was widely regarded as a pioneer in his field. It was his direct and compassionate approach to healing that was so innovative. He removed stigmas that deemed addiction a choice, rather than a disease, and encouraged holistic treatment to maintain lasting recovery. Many supporters still watch Father Martin’s videos as motivating recovery tools. Today, Ashley Addiction Treatment’s expert team is committed to preserving the spirit of its founders by helping more people get the treatment they need to heal.s.


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Calling All Alumni

Discover more about our alumni programming and support groups. Find fun opportunities to reconnect with other Ashley grads and provide supportive hands to the newest Ashley grads joining our ranks in recovery.

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